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On February 3, 1983 Demolition was halted on the Howard Avenue Armory because Carl and Ann Bennett expressed interest in the building.  It took only 2 months to renovate the old Howard Avenue Armory to have the first basketball game.  The Building II Rec. Hall opened on April 1st, 1983.  Little did anyone know it would be around for a long time.

It was converted from an old National Guard Armory completed in 2 phases.  The First section completed in 1922.  The second phase was completed in 1931.  It began as a hobby for the Bennett Family.  It rapidly grew to be a labor of love.  

The name The Building II came about in an interesting way.  There is actually a Building I. The Building was a "term of endearment" that the Bennett's and their friends used for the Building I. When the Bennett's acquired the old armory, it needed a name.  So, since there was already a Building I, why not call the newest version The Building II.  The Building I still exists and is used as a warehouse. 

At first there was only the basketball court, a party room and many smaller rooms.  Then one by one the walls came down.  The current cardio room was the first weight room.  It housed some weights from a few guys that consolidated their weights from home.  It slowly expanded into Muscles Unlimited.

We officially opened as The Building II Rec. Hall and Athletic Club in November of 1990.  Muscle Unlimited expanded into a full service fitness facility.  Since then The Building has undergone many changes and upgrades.  It has seen many area basketball players and athletes come and go.

On July 19th 2008 at around 10:30 pm a fire destroyed the front section of the Building.  All of the paramount fitness equipment and cardio equipment were completely destroyed.  There was severe smoke damage throughout the downstairs.  Minimal damage was done to the basketball court and upstairs.  This was due to the solid construction and the fact that The Building was an old armory.  In 2 weeks the Building was reopened in a limited capacity with the help of our loyal members and friends.  On November 22nd 2008, The Building II had a Grand reopening and is now bigger and better than ever.

In May of 2017, we lost the patriark of the The Building II. Carl passed away on May 26, 2017. It was his dream to provide area youth with a safe place they could go and practice their sport and become better.  He reveled in the acheivements of the athletes that have come and gone through the doors of The Building.

Ann, along with her children Mark, Mike and Carleen and their spouces, still provide a facility for the residents of Altoona and the surrounding area to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Building II is centrally located in the downtown section of Altoona, Pennsylvania. The Building offers a wide variety of fitness and conditioning equipment, friendly atmosphere, and a qualified staff.

​Carl would always say "This is my Building", usually when asserting his power as the owner. But, we hope that anyone who finds themselves a part of The Building II family can use this same phrase when anyone mentions The Building II.

"This is My Building"